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About Peery Bros. Lumber

Peery Brothers Lumber began when upon the close of World War II returning fighter pilot Richard “Dick” Peery built a one room office on railroad served land in the city of Commerce, California. He furnished it with a borrowed card table, chair, and a telephone. He purchased an army surplus jeep and bomb carrier, subscribed to the “green sheet”, and was in business.

Dick would purchase carloads of lumber, the sizes and lengths were always mixed in those days, unload them himself; follow up on leads in the green sheet and when he was given an order, load the lumber on the bomb carrier, hook it up to the jeep, lock the office and deliver it.

Six months later he was joined by his brother John “Jack” also a returning fighter pilot, and on September 3rd, 1946, Peery Bros Lumber Company was incorporated in the state of California.

Peery Brothers built its reputation on integrity; personal service; always willing to go that extra mile; and with its customers, flourished.

When Jack became ill in 1971 Dick’s son Michael “Mike” joined Peery Brothers to help out - temporarily. Mike loved the honest work, daily challenges, and the people he met so much his future was soon decided. He is now the president.

Peery Brothers grew and in 1980 Terry Kennelley accepted a position and is now the Sales Manager. Peery Brothers’ customers continued to thrive and Peery Brothers along with them. Mike and Terry are now joined at Peery Brothers by three of Mike’s children, Celeste, Richard, and Alexander.

Through listening to our customers’ needs we have developed new product lines. New product lines developed a wider customer base. In order to maintain our high level of personal service with a wider customer base required new technology – kicking and screaming all the way.

Customers have always driven our operation at Peery Brothers, and now modern milling and manufacturing machinery are being added for the first time. We listen, research, commit our resources, and follow through.

Our success and our future are defined in our history of integrity, individual performance, teamwork, and personal service.

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